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Champions help spread the word. Volunteers bring their talent and experience. Sponsors and donors make events and print runs possible by covering concrete costs.

How to get involved

We make a difference only when champions, volunteers and sponsors get involved.  Join our mailing list to hear what’s happening.

Join mailing list

  • The simplest way to help is to spread the word: The wider our network of champions, the more sponsors get on board. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, give us a follow and remember to tag us in any posts and use the hashtag #bookdash!
  • The fastest way to help is to donate to our cause. By helping us cover running costs, you help us get more books to more children.
  • Join a Book Dash day creating books. If you’re a creative professional or top notch amateur and want to volunteer at a Book Dash event, follow us on the above social media accounts or join our mailing list to see when we’re next in a city near you.
  • You can buy Book Dash books – proceeds support our work directly. Every copy you buy for yourself helps us create more for children who need them. Email to find out which books we have in stock.
  • Does your organisation work with young children in need? Apply to be a beneficiary organisation to receive free books for your children.
  • Are you a journalist? Tell our story! Get images and video for press coverage here.
  • If you speak for an organisation with big ideals, sponsor an eventa print run or translations of existing books. Speak to us about getting books to kids you care about. Read our prospectus here.
  • If you’d like to run a Book Dash or something similar yourself, read our Book Dash Manual and drop us a line to talk.

Do you have another idea? Let us know.

Register as a beneficiary organisation

If you represent a social-impact organisation that works directly with children, we may be able to add your organisation to our list of beneficiaries for free or subsidised books. Each time a funder enables us to do a print run of books, we try to match the books we’re printing with suitable beneficiary organisations. If we can give books to you, we send them to you to put into your children’s hands.

To consider your organisation for our beneficiary list, we need some basic info. You can use our online form to give us these details.

Beneficiary form

This form asks for some basic info about your organisation:

  • Name of organisation
  • Physical address (for book deliveries)
  • Areas you work in (e.g. your town or suburb)
  • How many children do you work with (so we know how many books you could distribute to them)
  • Which languages do your children speak mostly?
  • Which languages do you want books in for them? (If different.)
  • The name and contact details of the person we should liaise with there.
  • Is the organisation registered? (e.g. NPO, PBO, company, trust, etc.)

If you have a website, brochure or prospectus, please include that, too.

Fill in the form, or mail this information to

Donate to get more books to children

Donating is the fastest, simplest way to help. Donors have already helped us create and give away thousands of beautiful books to children.

Pay with a card

Click a donation button below, and your card payment will be processed by PayFast (it’s completely secure and very easy).

R100 R300 Another amount

Book-Dash-SnapScan-codePay with SnapScan

Use SnapScan? Just scan the code (click it if you need it enlarged).

Pay by EFT

You can deposit straight into our bank account. Unless you really need to be anonymous, please use your name in your payment reference, and let us know you’ve made a deposit.

Name: Book Dash
Bank: First National Bank
Account number: 62492593118
Branch: Claremont (215 Main Road, Claremont, Cape Town 7708)
Branch code: 200109
Account type: Business cheque/current account
SWIFT code for international payments: FIRNZAJJ

Please send payment confirmations to

(International donors: South Africa does not use the IBAN system. Payments can be made instead with the account number, branch code, and SWIFT code. We’ll soon add credit card donations via PayPal, we’re waiting for them to process our non-profit status.)

Tax-deductible donations

Book Dash is a Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18A status. This means we can give you a certificate that makes your donation tax-deductible in South Africa. When you donate, please let us know if you need a certificate.

To qualify for a certificate, donations for section 18A purposes must be bona fide donations. According to the regulations: “A bona fide donation is a voluntary, gratuitous gift disposed of by the donor out of liberality or generosity, where the donee is enriched and the donor impoverished. There may be no quid pro quo, no reciprocal obligations and no personal benefit for the donor. If the donee gives any consideration at all it is not a donation. The donor may not impose conditions which could enable him or any connected person in relation to himself to derive some direct or indirect benefit from the application of the donation.”

Join a Book Dash day

Book Dash days are twelve-hour book-making marathons for creative professionals. Everyone is a volunteer, joining in to make beautiful children’s books that anyone can freely download, print and distribute. To hear about new Book Dash days, join our mailing list.

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Sponsor a Book Dash day

Book Days days are the creative heart of our volunteer movement: dozens of top creatives giving their time to create books that anyone can freely translate, print and distribute. And at Book Dash translation days, volunteers translators multiply those books into other languages.

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Sponsor a print run

‘There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.’—Nelson Mandela

Your organisation can put thousands of books in the hands of children for as little as R10* a book. The more you print, the cheaper each copy becomes. The books will be given directly to individual children by our partner organisations.

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