Sindiwe and the Fireflies by Tess Gadd, Cherene Pienaar, and Jano Strydom

There once was a girl named Sindiwe Magona. She had a special gift for stories. At night, little Sindiwe’s grandmother told her magical stories about ogres and giants, animals of the forests and the little creatures of the veld. This was Sindiwe’s favourite time. See how she grows up to live out her own adventures and she travels over oceans to change the world with her stories. 

The story of Sindiwe Magona, created at Book Dash Cape Town on 30 August 2014 by Tess Gadd, Cherene Pienaar, and Jano Strydom.

Available in:

  • Afrikaans (af)
  • English (en)
  • isiXhosa (xh)
  • isiZulu (zu)
  • Sepedi (nso)
  • Sesotho (st)
  • Setswana (tn)
  • SiSwati (ss)
  • Tshivenḓa (ve)
  • Xitsonga (ts)
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