From André Kieswetter

The Lion Who Wouldn’t Try by André Kieswetter, Liza Esterhuyse, Nick Mulgrew and Tarryn-Anne Anderson

All the animals in the jungle are playing, except Lion. Why won’t Lion join in?

Created at Book Dash Cape Town on 12 November 2016 by Liza Esterhuyse (writer), André Kieswetter (illustrator), Nick Mulgrew and Tarryn-Anne Anderson (designers). Edited by Liz Sparg.

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Book Dash Cape Town, 5 March 2016

On Saturday 5 March, teams of professional writers, illustrators and designers gathered at Cape Town’s Centre for the Book to create beautiful children’s books in just twelve hours.

The books they created together are their gift to the world, and can be freely printed and distributed by anyone. Read this account of the day by volunteer Helen Moffett, listen below to the documentary of the day produced by Nancy Richards or view the gorgeous photos from the day, taken by the talented Marilet of The Lion and the Lady photography.

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