From Corinne Lamoral Rosmarin

Thato’s Birthday Surprise, by Brad Cuzen, Corinne Lamoral-Rosmarin and Jodi Houareau

It is one week until Thato’s Birthday. His mama tells him he will have a big surprise. What will it be?

Created at Book Dash Durban on 7 November 2015 by Brad Cuzen (illustrator), Corinne Lamoral-Rosmarin (writer) and Jodi Houareau (designer).

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  • English (en)
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Book Dash Durban, 7 November 2015

Book Dash teamed up with the wonderful Solon Foundation to bring Book Dash to Durban! On Saturday 7 November, teams of professional writers, illustrators and designers joined us to create beautiful children’s books at St Mary’s DSG in Kloof.

The books they created are their gift to the world, and can be freely printed and distributed by anyone. They’re widely used by literacy organisations, ECD centres, schools and others around South Africa and beyond.

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