From Nathalie Koenig

Clever Pig by Josh Morgan, Lee-Ann Knowles and Nathalie Koenig

Pig loves to play! Clever Pig
One day, Pig is gone.
Will Pig come back?

Created at Book Dash Grahamstown on 12 November 2016 by Nathalie Koenig (writer), Lee-Ann Knowles (designer) and Josh Morgan (illustrator). Edited by Carol Kagezi.

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  • English (en)
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Londi: The Dreaming Girl, by Lauren Holliday and Nathalie Koenig

Londi loves to dream all day. But where will her dreams take her? 

Created at Book Dash Durban on 7 November 2015 by Lauren Holliday (illustrator), and Nathalie Koenig (writer).

Available in:

  • English (en)
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Book Dash Durban, 7 November 2015

Book Dash teamed up with the wonderful Solon Foundation to bring Book Dash to Durban! On Saturday 7 November, teams of professional writers, illustrators and designers joined us to create beautiful children’s books at St Mary’s DSG in Kloof.

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