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From time to time Book Dash has a pooled procurement project, where we offer quality children's story books in different South African languages in a Collaborative Print Run: This means that everyone's smaller orders add up to large enough volumes to get economies of scale, and very low prices for all.


We do this because giving books to young children to love and own has been shown to make a huge difference to the development of their literacy skills, their socio-emotional skills, their level of school-readiness, and their future in general. And we want to make giving books as affordable as possible for you and your organisation.


We're offering books that are in the standard Book Dash book format you know and love at R10 a copy, as well as a few titles in the Baby Book format which is durable, and suitable for very young children (0-2 years). These books are the same size as the other Book Dash books (15cm x 15cm), but they are printed on thicker board, and they have rounded corners for better use with babies. This format costs a bit more to produce, so they’re available at R15 a copy.


To see what books are on offer, or to place your order, click this link to the form, or the button below:


Orders are due by the end of Sunday 22 August.

Any questions, please send to


NB: If you are a partner in the Book Dash/Solon Foundation Project, please use the order form that was sent to you earlier today, and not this one.


Team Book Dash

Order form link
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