"Every child should own a hundred books by the age of five"

Five of the ten books produced at the recent Book Dash event hosted in Cape Town are now live on the website, free for all to read, download, translate, adapt and re-share under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license.


Simply visit bookdash.org/books to enjoy them all, or follow the links below: We wish you all happy reading!

Meerkat Magic

Bonke and Peo don’t know what’s at the top of their favourite hill. What will they find if they’re brave enough to climb it?


Created by Isabella Kuijers (Illustrator), Monique Cleghorn (Designer), Tumisang Shongwe (writer) and Kelly Norwood-Young (Editor)

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How do you sleep?

Can you sleep with one eye open? Can you sleep in a tree? Pula has a bed, but he wants to know how other creatures sleep.


Created by Alex Latimer (Illustrator), Diane Awerbuck (Writer and Editor) and Georgia Demertzis (Designer).

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Tikky! Boom! Tish!

Everyone can make music! Just say: Boom! Tikky! Wubba! Tish!


Created by Nadene Kriel (Designer), Kelly Norwood-Young (Editor), Xanele Puren (Illustrator) and Sam Wilson (Writer).

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Joanna's Grannies

Joanna has two grannies. They are very different but they both love her the same.


Created by Richard Bolland (Illustrator), Dawn Garisch (Writer), Janet Campbell (Designer) and Kelly Norwood-Young (Editor).

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Let's Be Friends

Making friends isn’t always easy. But let’s try!


Created by Emma Bosman (Illustrator), Wilma Combrinck (Designer), Ester Levinrad (Editor) and Murray Hunter (Writer).

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Watch the video clip to get an inside look at how the creative volunteers work fast to produce a beautiful African children's book in just one Book Dash day!

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