In March 2023, we'll be making books at the most prestigious children's book fair in the world
"Every child should own a hundred books by the age of five"

Dear Book Dasher

Book Dash is a fascinating beast: a proudly South African organisation with a small local footprint (a team of four), and great global reach (children around the world read the books all of you generously create, and organisations use the open content to do countless translations and other adaptations to support increased access to books).

We pack a powerful punch locally (just under three million physical copies of our books have been printed and distributed to children in South Africa), and now we are even taking our book-making model to the global stage: we did a moonshot proposal to the organising committee of the 2023 Bologna Children's Book Fair and received the good news that it was approved! This means we'll be hosting a two-team Book Dash event at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in March 2023!

Everyone who is anyone in the world of children’s books congregates at this global industry event to celebrate excellence and exchange ideas so this is an incredible opportunity for Book Dash to demonstrate our innovative and fast-paced content creation model. We can’t wait to see their jaws dropping at the sight of the Book Dash magic!

We are going to be making two books at this 21st Book Dash of ours (what a place to celebrate our coming of age!), which means we got to invite six Book Dash alumni to join us there. So, we are proud to present the team of creative volunteers who will be creating our two books in Italy next year:

Of course we’ll be posting regularly from Bologna in March so that you can see the new books as they are created and you can also follow all the exciting events that will take place at this 60th edition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair directly on their website.

Thanks for your neverending support and please send us good vibes as we prepare for this big event!



The Book Dash team

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