Get books to children this Mandela Day!

Update: 525 books! We are so humbled.

The books are being printed and will go to the Santa Shoebox Project to be added to shoeboxes in time for the festive season! Book Dash is also throwing in an extra 3 575 books to the donation.

Thank you to those who donated: Deb, Tarryn, Jon, Carla, Harriet, Lead, Duncan, Ingrid, Ester, Karen, Andrea, Janita, Michelle, Kristina, Yvonne, Brendan, Katie, Lauren, Aimee, Richard and Kelly.

If you contributed, but did not leave your name please let us know by emailing – we’d love to thank you!

The books sponsored will be R10 in our next collaborative print run in August and delivered in September to trusted ECD centers and literacy organizations across the country.

Forgot to plan something epic for Mandela Day? Need something impressive and meaningful to tell your friends? Book Dash has you covered! Every R10 donation we receive between the 17th and 19th July, will become a beautiful, new book that we’ll give directly to a child. So whether it’s R67, R6700 or anything in between, donate whatever you can today, knowing that every cent will mean more books directly into the hands of children!

Read the books we’ll donate, here:

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