Support Book Dash with MySchool!

 We’re now fully registered with MySchool, meaning it’s quick and easy to add us to your profile.

If you’re already registered with MySchool, simply follow these 4 steps:

  1. Log in with your ID or password here:
  2. Click “Next”
  3. Under Step 2: Beneficiary Selection, type in “Book Dash” in the field that is labelled “Search for beneficiary”
  4. Click “Finish”

You’re all done and will immediately start earning money for Book Dash when you swipe your card at Woolies, Engen, FlightCentre,, Waltons and other partner stores. You can even link your Woolworths and MySchool card so you only need one card.

If you shop online, you’ll need to add your MySchool number to your online shopping profile, or enter it when you check out.

If you don’t have a MySchool card or account yet:

Please also encourage friends & family (especially the big shoppers)
to follow these simple steps so we can get more bucks for books!

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